How Will It Help Me?

By drawing on your strengths, the ILP will give you space to reflect on your journey
through the Recovery College.

Should you choose to, the ILP offers a chance to gain more information about the
courses you complete.

This way your development does not end when the course ends and allows you to
continue your learning.

Identify any learning support needs you may have.

What Is The Individual Learning Plan (ILP)?

The ILP is a framework that enables a student to make the most of their learning experience whilst at the Recovery College.

This is done by establishing achievable self-identified goals. The ILP mentor will also support the individual to choose the best courses that meet their goals on their recovery journey

The ILP Review

At the end of each term, anyone who started an ILP will be invited back to reflect on the
term and the courses undertaken.

There will be a non-judgemental review of the goals set. The review also provides an additional opportunity for sign-posting to relevant services.

Who Can Do An ILP? And How To Sign Up For An ILP?

The ILP’s are available for all students.If you identify as being a service user on your registration form then we will contact you directly to offer an ILP.

If you would like to request an ILP please contact us to arrange a time and date with an ILP mentor.