Student Charter

What Is The Student Charter?

This student charter sets out clear guidelines and expectations from staff and students working and studying at Tower Hamlets Recovery College.

We hope these guidelines will allow both staff and students to take joint responsibility and ownership of the courses they attend and the overall learning environment. We hope this will help to ensure that everyone has a positive and enriching experience of working or studying with us. 

When You Study At Tower Hamlets Recovery College You Can Expect Us To:

  • Manage and process course applications and enrolment politely and efficiently.
  • Communicate in a friendly, open and professional manner. 
  • Provide up to date and timely information on college activities and updates, including the college website.
  • Provide all course materials, handouts and certificates of attendance.
  • Offer students an Individual Learning Plan, empowering them to reflect on goals and aspirations.
  • Make reasonable adjustments to support your learning. 
  • Please inform us of any specific needs you have when you ENROL or as part of your Individual Learning Plan. We will try and accommodate them.
  • Support equality and diversity, respecting and valuing differences such as culture, religion, sexuality, gender and abilities.
  • Maintain the high quality of our courses; ensuring coproduction, recovery and our core values of hope, control and opportunity remain central to what we do.
  • Respect people‚Äôs various faiths, cultural practices and life choices, providing a non-judgemental, stigma free environment. 
  • Challenge stigma where it arises, and dealing with problems in the classroom in an appropriate manner.
  • Encourage open and honest dialogue, so people feel free to speak up without fear of recrimination. Your input and feedback are important to us and helps shape the future direction of the college.
  • Support your learning and promote inclusion and accessibility for all, regardless of your skill levels.Signpost students to various local and national agencies and organisations that might be of further assistance.
  • Work with students to support their attendance at the college, and help them to explore alternative arrangements for themselves.
  • Make sure a staff member is available to speak to you one to one outside of the classroom if needed. If you want to speak to one of us privately we will make an appointment to meet with you at a mutually agreed time.
  • Make sure wherever possible that venues are suitable and accessible for all students.
  • Provide a safe, inclusive and enjoyable learning environment, encouraging open but respectful dialogue. Tutors may ask students to leave the class if they feel this is compromised.

We Expect You To:

  • Provide your up to date contact details.
  • Book your courses online through the Tower Hamlets Recovery College Website if you are comfortable using email and online services. If you are unsure of how use the technology, we can support you to do this, or alternatively you can call or come in to the office.
  • Register with the college and enrol on all courses you wish to attend prior to each course. You can do this via the college website, or by contacting the college directly.
  • Ensure that you have received enrolment confirmation from the college for each course, as students cannot be admitted onto courses that they are not enrolled on.
  • Notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend, so that we can offer your place to another student, as places are limited.
  • If students consistently booked themselves onto courses they do not attend, we may refuse them a place on any further courses. 
  • Arrive on time to sessions. Any student arriving more than 30 minutes late for a course will not be admitted.
  • Students are welcome to leave the learning environment if needed, tutors must be informed if student will not return. 
  • Maintain confidentiality whilst being respectful of others opinions and beliefs, and of the learning environment and tutors.
  • Be aware of and take responsibility for your own behaviour during sessions, please let the tutors know if you are feeling unwell.
  • Everybody is responsible for maintaining a calm and inclusive atmosphere in the classroom, which supports learning for all.
  • Be mindful of other students in class, so that everyone that wants to participate has space to do so. This allows for a range of voices and experiences to be heard.
  • Respect the individual rights of all members of the college, both students and staff.
  • Ask questions freely, and ask us to explain if there is anything you are unsure about.
  • Use the library and computers in a responsible manner.