Young Adults

At the Tower Hamlets Recovery College, we offer specialised courses and services for Young Adults aged between 18 to 30 years old. These courses and services are co-produced by young adults with young adults in mind. 

Our Courses

The Young Adult Stream (YA) offers courses to those aged 18-30 years old. These courses are co-produced and taught by Young Adults. Courses are focused on YA specific issues. Some examples of previous courses are: Understanding Family Dynamics, Make-up and Mindfulness, LGBTQ+ and Identity, Transitions at Work, and Uni.

There is a big % of YA in Tower Hamlets who are not accessing Mental Health Services. The YA Stream is a safe space for Young Adults to access a service where they feel heard and supported. 

Weekly Social Hub

We host an evening social hangout for Young Adults during our breaks in between terms. This is to keep our service providing even when it isn’t term time. It is casual and commitment-free by nature of it being a drop-in session and there is no need to stay for the whole session.

We play board games, watch TV/films, chat, eat pizza and hang out in our library space at the college. They are self-directed and led by the Young Adult students who attend. 

Our Tiktok

Check out our TikTok and give us a follow, you won't regret it! On our feed, you'll find the general day-to-day operations of the college, staff, and student interviews, educational content, trend participation, and the team having all kinds of fun! Just like a day at the Recovery College condensed into a short video.

Our TikTok is still very young, only starting in June 2023, so we'd love to hear what kind of content you'd like to see from us. I hope to see you scrolling around our page soon!

Individual Learning Plan

Are you a Young Adult and want to get involved in the Tower Hamlets Recovery College but don't know where to start? An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) can help! An ILP is a sit down with our one of our ILP mentors, who will support you with any concerns, goals, and aspirations you have. 

We also offer Personal Health Budgets through our ILPs. A PHB is an amount of NHS money that is given to students to support their Recovery Goals.