Meet our Team

Jessica Prakash / Recovery College Manager

I started at the Recovery College in January 2018 and I am an Occupational Therapist by profession. I have worked in Mental Health for over 7 years and in many different roles in both Australia and in the United Kingdom. Working at the Recovery College, has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding roles in my career thus far. 

I thoroughly enjoy coming into work and sharing a laugh with my colleagues who are all hard working and inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have met some amazing people through the college in particular students and tutors who have a breath of knowledge and expertise to learn from! 

Fiona Ball / Peer Tutor Lead

Having spent 20yrs in a different career, Fi decided to retrain when her son was born. She studied psychology at University, and whilst studying became a Peer Support Worker for the East London NHS Foundation Trust on the psychiatric intensive care wards, at both Homerton and Mile End Hospitals. This in turn led to her involvement in what was at that point, the newly set up Tower Hamlets Recovery College. Having completed her studies, she started working full time at the college as Peer Tutor Lead. 

Fi greatly enjoys her job, in particular, the emphasis on people’s strengths and assets, and the warm and inclusive nature of the Recovery College's working practice and culture. She strongly believes that everyone has something to learn and everybody has something to give.

Nina Ezra

Recovery College for me has been therapeutic. I am regaining my confidence. I never considered teaching as a career, I have always tried to follow an artistic thread. 

Helping others and my lived experience seems to work for those who attend the courses.

Tony Fulham

I started at the Recovery College in January 2018 and previously to this I have had a very interesting, rather varied career to be presently involved with my colleagues, peers and developing new friendships along the way in this fulfilling role in the library.To me, the Recovery College is about a Person Centred approach and equipping people with both the practical tools and skills we may have forgotten but can do and regain.

I possess a keen attention to detail; I enjoy matters related to do within all Health and Safety areas.I presently sit as a layperson on the ELFT Trustwide Adult Safeguarding Panel and also the Children and Domestic Violence Panel.I totally enjoy being in the outdoors and spending a lot of my time in my big garden with its upkeep, which has become a great joy for me. It really keeps me both much fitter and busy. 

Tahara Matin

Having left university Tahara was determined to make a difference. She joined Tower Hamlets Recovery College in October 2016 as an Apprentice, and now works full time at the college as the Administrator. Tahara enjoys her work, she loves meeting new people and the variety in her job, and rising to the challenge of a fast moving work environment. 

As the college goes from strength to strength, Tahara is an oasis of calm in the busyness. She says that having worked alongside the project manager, she’s even grown to love managing the database!

Asha Abdillahi

I was a student at the Recovery College when it first started a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back since! After doing a number of courses, I felt ready contribute and get involved by volunteering, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  This has been a time of great learning, development and experience for me. I love meeting people and the variety of courses we provide to the community. The Recovery College model was new to me at first, but I am overjoyed that I have finally I found an approach that is more in keeping with what I believe in. The principle of co-production, that is equal working between professionals and those who use services, really speaks to me. There is a shared understanding and respect for how together, both sides can learn and grow from each other. One of the best parts of my journey, is that now I work at the college as a peer tutor mentor. 

I feel honoured to be working alongside an absolutely fantastic team of honest, hardworking, passionate and caring people. As a team we all want what is best for the college, ourselves and most importantly the students. The college goes from strength to strength, becoming bigger and better, and I am so proud to be part of it, especially in giving people hope, help, inspiration and support, in a place where they can feel welcome and most importantly be themselves.