Meet our Team

Jessica Prakash / Recovery College Manager


Recovery College for me has been therapeutic. I am regaining my confidence. I never considered teaching as a career, I have always tried to follow an artistic thread. 

Helping others and my lived experience seems to work for those who attend the courses.

Halima Baiyat


I was a student at the Recovery College when it first started a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back since! After doing a number of courses, I felt ready contribute and get involved by volunteering, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  This has been a time of great learning, development and experience for me. I love meeting people and the variety of courses we provide to the community. The Recovery College model was new to me at first, but I am overjoyed that I have finally I found an approach that is more in keeping with what I believe in. The principle of co-production, that is equal working between professionals and those who use services, really speaks to me. There is a shared understanding and respect for how together, both sides can learn and grow from each other. One of the best parts of my journey, is that now I work at the college as a peer tutor mentor. 

I feel honoured to be working alongside an absolutely fantastic team of honest, hardworking, passionate and caring people. As a team we all want what is best for the college, ourselves and most importantly the students. The college goes from strength to strength, becoming bigger and better, and I am so proud to be part of it, especially in giving people hope, help, inspiration and support, in a place where they can feel welcome and most importantly be themselves.