(YA) Understanding & Managing Addiction
Wed May 25 10:00
This course will take a non-judgemental look at addiction and the effect it can have on people’s lives. We will look at many forms of addiction, not just alcohol and drug use. Real-life experie...
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Understanding 'Burnout'
Thu May 26 12:30
Living in a state of uncertainty during the pandemic as well as increased working from home due to the pandemic has meant work life and private life have become increasingly overlapped.  A study...
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(YA) Young Adults and Mental Health
Fri May 27 10:00
Being a young adult means you can go through a lot of changes in a small time frame. It’s a period of trying new things and exploring who you are. This can leave young adults likely to feel over...
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(YA) Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
Mon May 30 10:00
This course looks at how depression and anxiety (both separately and together) can impact young people’s lives, affecting thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The course explores the positive step...
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